Convenient Pick-Up

If you would prefer to pick-up your item, we provide a pick-up service from our Melbourne warehouses at Lynbrook. To make this process as smooth as possible, please note these essentials:

Payment must be made prior to arrival.

Courier pickups not permitted due to average collection time being 15-30 mins

Same day pick up can occur between 9am-5pm Mon-Sun

Collection required within 7 days of payment.

Pick-Up Process

1. In checkout you have to choose the option of picking up.

2. Following payment we will email you collection details based on your preference.

3. If you require same day or next day pick up, please call us following payment. We can provide you with the location of the stock.

Our address

Unit 1/2-8 Northey Road
Lynbrook, VIC 3975

Openning hour

9am-5.30pm Mon-Sun

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