18 pcs Universal Slide Hammer Dent Puller Kit Axle Bearing Hub Auto Panel Tools

$139.99 $119.99



  • Complete attachment kit
  • Slide hammer puller kits are ideal for use within the automotive industry for pulling bearings, gears and front wheel drive axle shafts
  • Use eight ways
  • External three jaw puller, internal three jaw puller, external two jaw puller, internal two jaw puller, grip wrench adaptor, lip puller, hub puller, dent puller
    Slide Weight 5lbs
    Slide Pole Length 22” (540mm)
    Slide Pole Diameter 1”
    Internal Capacity: Ø35-110mm Reach: 82mm
    External Capacity: Ø50-140mm
    Reach: 75mm
    Puller Type: Triple Leg
    Internal Capacity: Ø50-135mm
    Reach: 82mm
    External Capacity: Ø20-135mm
    Reach: 75mm
    2 X Axle Pullers (shallow & Deep)
    2 Jaw Head
    3 Jaw Head
    Leg & Bolt Package
    Centre Bolt & Cone
    1 X Tapping Screw
    1 X Hook
    Assorted Attachments
    Storage Case