3-Piece Double-Ended Wire Brush Set Steel Brass Nylon Welding Slag Rust


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Product features
  • Nylon Brush – Easy on finished surfaces making them ideal for sweeping away dirt and debris from around interior door panels, trim pieces, dashboards.
  • Brass Brush – Clean unfinished metal parts like screw threads, connection terminals, and cutting tools without damaging surfaces or fine features.
  • Stainless Steel Brush – Good for cleaning and removing loose paint, scale and rust from metal parts and heavy duty scrubbing.
  • Wide Range of Application: Polishing, grinder, bench worker, machinery, etc.
  • Material: nylon, brass, stainless steel, plastic handle, Total length: Approx 17cm/6.69″.
Product description
  • Material: nylon, brass, stainless steel, plastic handle
  • Total length:Approx 17cm/6.69″
  • Ideal for polishing, grinder, fitter, machine cleaning.
  • Perfect gas stove cleaner
  • Durable and Practical.
  • Both bristle end, one is 3 row, and another is one row.
Package Includes:
3 Pcs-set Brush