801 Tile Leveling Kit System 200 Clips 200 Wedges 1 Plier Floor Tiling Leveler



Quickly adjust and maintain the flatness of between tile and tiles.

Prevent displacement in cement or tile with the tile adhesive solidification process.

Simple operation easy to use, very easy to use.

Greatly improving the speed of paving tiles, and reducing the difficulty of paving tiles.

Tile leveling device (adjust the horizontal between tiles and tiles)

After the end of work, with your foot kicked out or with a rubber mallet knock out along the slit direction.

Red wedge spacer after removed can also reusable.

Color: Red, Yellow and White
Material: Plastic
Wedges Size: 90 x 22 x 15mm (100+100pcs)
Clips: 36 x 36 x 1.5mm (600pcs)
Suitable For: Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles

Package Including:
200 x Clips
400 x Wedges (200 Red +  200 Yellow)
1 x Pushing Pliers