Corner Clamp Adjustable Holding Strap Band Frame Wood Timber Picture Framing

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Material: Plastic + aluminum alloy + nylon
Nylon Belt Size: 4 m /13ft * 2.5cm / 1 inch (L*W)
Package Included:
* Rapid clamp corner band strap with 4 jaws;
* Fine thread micro-adjustment and spindle for fine tuning band tension;
* Removeable plastic corners to clamp other shapes;
* The plastic frame has two quick-adjust side levers for locking and releasing of belt tension, and its plastic corner braces are designed to provide a square, tight corner;
* Holding it securely in place whilst enabling even pressure on all sides whilst the bonding sets;
* This tool is perfect for clamping large or irregular surfaces that won’t allow the use of traditional bar and pipe clamps