Drill Powered Drain Snake Cleaner Plumbing Sink Pipe Cleaning Unblocker Tool

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  • Product Name: Drill Powered Snake Drain Cleaner
  • Drill Snake drain cleaner effectively unblock your drain without expensive plumbing costs.
  • Quality with high tensile industry grade spring cable in a PE plastic tube remains stationary as cable is rotated by an electric drill.
  • Automatic safety clutch: the clutch will slip and make warning nose is gets tangled in the pipe line.
  • Hi-tensile spring steel is a guarantee for the job done without hassles.

User Instruction:

  • Remove any traps or elbows.
  • Uncoil snake and attach drill bit to drill. Leave 1/8″ of the drill bit exposed.
  • Feed the corkscrew head into the drain until clog is reached.
  • Turn on the drill at slow speed until clog has cleared.
  • Remove snake auger, wash and air dry. Lubricate before storing.
  • Spring cable: DIA. ∅6mm, Length 7M.