Large LCD Digital Multimeter Auto Power Off Backlight AC DC Voltmeter Ohmmeter Tester


  • ProductName DigitalMultimeter
    ACVoltage(V) 200mV,2V,20V,200V,750V
    DCVoltage(V) 200mV,2V,2V0,200V,1000V
    DCCurrent(A) 20uA,200uA,2mA,20mA,200mA,2A,10A,20A
    ACCurrent(A) 200uA,2mA,20mA,200mA,2A,10A,20A
    Capacitance(F) 2nF,20nF,200nF,2uF,20uF
    Resistance(Ohm) 200,2k,20k,200k,2M,20M,200M
    Color Red,Black
    Mateiral Plastic&Metal
    TestLeadsTotalLength 110cm/43″
    MultimeterSize 19.5×9.5×5.5cm/7.7″x3.7″x2.2″(L*W*T)
    NetWeight 597g
    PackageContent 1xMultimeter


  • A plastic stand on tha back for conveniently using.
  • Rotary switch: use the witch to select functions and ranges.
  • When testing DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, resistor, diode, buzzer and battery, connect the red test lead to “V, mA” jack and black test lead to “COM” jack.
  • When testing the magnifying radio of the transistor, turn the switch to hFE position and connect the transistor to the eight-hold jack.